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Our capabilities and services are developed in the following areas of knowledge:

Product improvement and compliance

  • Incorporation of Additive Manufacturing technologies (3D printing) in the design and redesign of products (furniture, lighting, hardware ...). Manufacture of prototypes with additive technologies in plastic and metal.
  • Functional, safe, sustainable and connected furniture. Conceptual design / redesign, detail, mechanical, mechatronic, ergonomic and product usability simulation. Incorporation of sustainability and recyclability criteria - Ecodesign.
  • Technical advice for the improvement and validation of materials and products regarding national and international regulations by conducting tests and advice on:
    • Quality and behavior of furniture, mattresses and luminaires.
    • Emission of Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs, materials and products.
    • Fire behavior (reaction).
    • Behavior against aggressive conditions and aging: temperature, humidity, corrosion, solar radiation, vibration.
    • Protection and behavior of wood and derivatives against degrading agents - biodegradation.
  • Advice on products and materials in contact with food (metal and wood), property analysis, migration tests and compliance with regulations.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the conformity of packaging prototypes depending on the product and service requirements.
  • Analysis of defects and causes of failure, assessment and preparation of technical reports in legal proceedings.
  • Advice to public and private entities in the preparation of purchase documents.

Sustainable habitat

  • Design and development of solutions for the improvement of the Environmental Comfort (thermal, light and air quality) through the integration of intelligent materials (active and passive) and sustainable solutions in domestic and public environments.
  • Application of tools, software and hardware, for the digital interconnection of objects with the Internet (IoT).
  • Development of high thermal insulation materials for construction and carpentry, wood and derivatives, glass, plastics, ceramics and composites.
  • Development of new products with lower potential for emission generation and analysis of problems derived from them (pollution, toxicity and odors).

Environmental Impact Reduction

  • Analysis and reduction of environmental impact through the application of advanced environmental management tools: Ecodesign, LCA, ecolabelling, environmental product declaration (EPD), disassembly and recyclability, carbon footprint, water footprint, green purchase criteria.
  • Development and implementation of industrial symbiosis projects (circular economy) and advice on the elaboration of sustainability reports.
  • Improvement of the sustainability of processes through environmental technical-legislative advice, in industrial safety and the implementation and audit of management systems (quality, environment, safety and health, ecodesign and BRC and PEFC - FSC among others).
  • Research and development of product-service systems in a new environment of circular economy in the construction and building sector.
  • Development of new methods of recovery, recovery and reuse of waste for the formulation and manufacture of products for the furniture and construction sector.

EI4.0 process innovation

  • Advice to companies for their conversion into Smart Factory and incorporation into the 4.0 Connected Industry (i4.0) environment by performing situation diagnoses, defining road maps and tutoring in technological integration projects.
  • Digitalization of industrial processes throughout the supply chain through sensorization, monitoring, automation, robotization (HMI and SCADA), equipment control and design and implementation of Big Data and Machine Learning solutions.
  • Advice and development of ICT solutions for the implementation of commercial strategies through the internet.

Construction 4.0

  • Introduction of additive manufacturing in the building and construction materials sector through the study of applications of existing technologies, development of new technologies, studies of processable materials and definition of processing conditions and new working methodologies.
  • Modeling and simulation of multiphysics problems in complex systems and structures.
  • Application of experimental techniques for measuring stresses and deformations for the behavior analysis of structures in operation.
  • Monitoring of wooden structures for monitoring conditions favorable to the attack of degrading agents, detection of biodegradation and presence of insects.
  • Control methods and life cycle analysis in structures in use.

Innovation Technology Consulting

  • Support to the company in the definition and planning of its innovation strategy: Technological Surveillance, Competitive Intelligence services, Market and Trends Observatory, sector and tailored market studies, advice on strategic and market innovation.