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AIDIMME / Who we are



AIDIMME is a non-profit entity with private legal personality. The origins of AIDIMME date back to the 1980s when, at the initiative of the Business Sectors and the Public Administration, the first Research and Development Associations were created, constituted to support companies from the most representative industrial sectors in their entry into the European Union.

AIDIMME is a Technological Institute that, in addition, is registered as an Innovative Business Association (AEI), being an independent association, whose purpose is to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of companies, fundamentally in the field of product design and development, innovative materials, advanced and sustainable supply, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and service processes, as indicated in its Statutes.

The Association's ability to adapt over the last forty years has been essential for maintaining its objective of increasing the competitiveness of companies. With them, AIDIMME has been modifying its business model, from a more vertical model oriented to specific sectors to a more open model like the current economy, where the target sectors are expanded and redefined, these being: Furniture, Habitat and Building; Metalworking and Capital Goods; Automotive and Transportation; Wood, Metals and other Materials; Consumer Goods etc. sectors that are included in the scope of the regional strategic plans RIS3 (Intelligent Specialization Strategy in Research and Innovation).

The vision of the Technological Institute AIDIMME is to be a worldwide reference in R&D&I activities, value-added services and certification, attracting companies and organizations from other countries to collaborate on projects and, thus, promote the positioning of Valencian companies and the rest of Spain in international markets.

On the other hand, AIDIMME has a unique technological infrastructure, with constantly evolving equipment, although its main asset is the people who collaborate or are part of its staff. For this reason, it is sought as a strategy to satisfy the personal and professional needs of HR, and that this allows it to be a reference model in its management and action for the Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community (REDIT).

AIDIMME has in its "curriculum" recognitions, accreditations and national and international collaborations that allow it to meet its statutory objectives, and maintains its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy in constant development.

AIDIMME thanks its associated companies, sectoral federations and public bodies, all of them belonging to its Governing Bodies, for their collaboration, without which the development of the Institute's activity would not be possible.

International and Institutional Recognition

Our association is registered as' Center for Innovation and Technology, CIT No. 20.

Innovative Business Group AEI Madera - Furniture of the Valencian Community. Registered in the National Registry of AEIs: nº REAEI00039

He actively collaborates with business associations.

AIDIMME carries out research and development projects together with companies or financed by public funds, in which case the results are shared with companies in the sector. This I + D + i is also disseminated through the advanced services offered by the Technological Institute.


To be a Technological Center of reference worldwide in R & D & I activities, attractive to companies from other countries; contributing with the Valencian Administration, of other Autonomies, State and European to the positioning of the Valencian companies and of the rest of Spain in the national and international markets; satisfying the personal and professional needs of its human resources; at the same time serving as reference model in its management and performance to other CCTT.

Reality of AIDIMME

AIDIMME collaborates with a large number of companies in its reference sectors, among which are manufacturers of raw materials: metals, paper and cardboard, wood and derivatives, paints and varnishes, glues and adhesives, foams, etc. Manufacturers of semi-finished products: sheets and boards, plates and metal coils, special pieces for furniture, components for automotive, rail and aeronautics, building materials, etc. Manufacturers of final product or finishing: furniture in general, machinery, molds and matrices, implants, luminaires, packaging, etc. Distribution: groups of purchase, franchises, traditional commerce, large surfaces, etc. Services: engineering, industrial designers and design editors, transport, etc. And companies from other related sectors such as construction and rehabilitation or water treatment among others.


The Technical capacity of AIDIMME guarantees the development of companies with one of the best Technological Institutes in Europe, backed by a long experience since 1984 at the service of companies with a high technological demand and a need for constant updating and knowledge. AIDIMME is in continuous renovation with technical equipment valued at more than 5 million euros. In addition, its service capacity (more than 150.000 hours per year) allows companies to propose lines of research, training plans and other activities to increase their competitiveness. AIDIMME has the most modern equipment that exists worldwide; a unique technological infrastructure with advanced laboratories that perform more than 30.000 tests per year. AIDIMME laboratories are accredited by ENAC and other international entities such as ISTA. The enormous diversity of services provided by AIDIMME has generated great experience, becoming a solid base of knowledge, information and technology transfer.

Where are we?

Benjamín Franklin Headquarters
C / Benjamín Franklin 13. (Technological Park)
46980 Paterna. Valencia Spain)
Phone 961 366 070 | Fax 961 366 185

Headquarters Leonardo Da Vinci
C / Leonardo Da Vinci 38. (Technological Park)
46980 Paterna. Valencia Spain)
Phone 961 318 559 | Fax 960 915 446