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What is the Carpentry and Related Market Observatory?

It is a tool for monitoring the competitive sector environment that provides information on the recent evolution of the economic activity of carpentry and related companies, both in the Valencian Community and the rest of the national territory.

It allows to know the evolution of the sales of the wood sector in the short term (every three months), as well as to detect its evolution in the economic cycle and measure the business climate and the growth expectations of the moment.

The information generated does not exist in other official sources and allows for the short-term dimensioning of the state of the timber sector in the Valencian Community, as well as detecting trends and anticipating changes in the economic activity of the sector.

Who runs it?

It is an initiative of ASEMAD (Valencian Association of Carpentry and Related Companies) to promote the generation and use of market and business information in the wood sector, especially among companies in the Valencian Community.

The technical development is carried out by AIDIMME, through a work team formed by computer scientists, designers, economists and market research professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the development of sectorial information systems.

How It Works

It is based on the collaboration and participation of companies in the wood sector, which provide data on their activity to obtain information at the sector level.

The collaboration is carried out through an online platform that allows you to manage the accessions of the participating companies, data collection and communication of the results.

Data collection is done every quarter. Sectoral results are accessible to participating companies through reports of specific results for the wood sector.

The data provided by each company is treated confidentially exclusively for statistical purposes. The results are only published at the sector aggregate level.

What information does it provide?


The information is generated specifically for the wood sector, being a primary source of data on the sector that does not exist in the rest of Spain.

Mainly, it provides information on sectoral variables (evolution of sales segmented by different activities within the sector) and climate variables and sector expectations (evolution planned for the next quarter). The information is presented through basic sector indicators graphically.

As an example, you can consult the following interactive charts and demonstration report of results by clicking on the following image.

Who is it for?


It is aimed at all companies in the value chain of the wood sector, both suppliers, producers and distributors of carpentry and related. ASEMAD actively promotes the participation of companies from the Valencian Community, which form the main segment of participants.

If your company wishes to participate you can register at the following link or click on the following image.



The development of the collaborative platform for data collection of companies in the wood sector in the Valencian Community has been carried out by AIDIMME at the initiative of ASEMAD (Valencian Association of Carpentry and Related Entrepreneurs) for the project “DEVELOPMENT OF A COLLABORATIVE PLATFORM OF MARKET INFORMATION FOR THE CARPENTRY SECTOR IN THE VALENCIAN COMMUNITY ”, being carried out with the support of GENERALITAT VALENCIANA through IVACE through the TERRITORIAL DYNAMIZATION program for a NEW SUSTAINABLE INDUSTRY IN THE VALENCIAN COMMUNITAT.