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By a annual fee of only 690 € + 21% VAT make AIDIMME the technological extension of your company.
It can be associated in two ways:

You will receive the statutes, and the graphic material that will accredit your industry as a company associated with AIDIMME. You will instantly start working with the partners you need to better defend your interests.
For any questions, do not hesitate to contact AIDIMME.

Company details

Aptdo of mails


Business activity
AIDIMME technician with whom you have contacted


Research and development

Standardization and certification

Materials and surface finishes

International cooperation

Industrial and logistic processes


Sustainability and the environment

Packaging and transport of goods

Information technology

Product development

Additive manufacturing technologies


Way to pay
The form of payment of the membership fee will be by direct debit to 30 days invoice date.
The company must complete and sign the order of domiciliation SEPA CORE association bulletin and send it to once completed and sent the form.
The annual amount of the fee shall be set according to the provisions of article 11 of the bylaws.
For other forms of payment and / or fractionation of the fee, you can contact

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