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What is the Spanish Market Observatory of the Furniture Sector?

The Market Observatory is an instrument for monitoring the competitive environment of the furniture and related sector in Spain. Since 1998, it provides information on the evolution of the business of the companies in the sector.


  • Generate own and contrasted information in the furniture and related sector in Spain.
  • Give entity and visualize the activity of furniture as an industrial and economic sector.
  • Promote the use of market and current information among companies in the furniture and related sectors.
  • Support the decision-making of companies, which can evaluate with objective data their own activity with respect to the rest of the sector, detect trends and anticipate changes in the economic activity of the sector.

Indicators collected by the Observatory


The Market Observatory monitors the growth of sales in the furniture and related sectors in the short term (quarterly) and expectations of evolution in the following three months. It also measures the business climate of the sector, using an indicator of expected growth in national and international sales.

The Observatory also collects annual indicators on various strategic areas of the companies in the sector: internationalization, purchasing and supply, productive investment, R&D and productivity.

Who can take part?

Any company related to the furniture sector. We structure the value chain into three sectors: furniture suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.

Within each sector, a second classification (subsectors) is carried out to collect the different profiles detected. The subsectors are as follows:

  • Suppliers: Hardware, Sawn Wood, Boards, Paints and Varnishes and Glues and Adhesives.
  • Manufacturers: Bathroom, Classic, Kitchen, Design, Fiber, Modern, Office, Rustic and Upholstered.
  • Distributors: Chain of Stores, Franchises, Large Surface, Groups of purchase and independent Store.

How do companies participate?

The companies participate through an online platform that allows managing the adhesions of the participating companies, the collection of data and the communication of the results. Each company provides data on the evolution of its activity on a quarterly basis. With the information of the companies sectoral indicators are obtained.

Does it have cost for companies?

Participating companies receive the sector information free of charge.

How is the data collected?

The data collection process is simple and is done by completing a semi-annual questionnaire. Data collection is done online. Sometimes, data collection is supported by phone calls to companies to obtain the statistical samples necessary for the data to represent the automatic door sector.

Are the data treated confidentially?

The data provided by each company is treated strictly confidential and for statistical purposes only. No individual company data is ever published and the results are only published at an aggregate sector level. Each participating company agrees at the time of accession to contribute their data to AIDIMME, Technological Institute, an entity that assumes responsibility for the storage and confidential treatment of data according to privacy policy.

Is it known which companies participate?


If your company wishes to participate you can register at the following link or click on the following image.

The names of the companies participating in the Market Observatory are not published if there is no express consent to do so. This consent is asked for in the company's membership form to the Market Observatory. The voluntary publication of the name of the participating companies (for example, on the website of the Market Observatory) is exclusively for promotional purposes and to encourage other companies to participate. In any case, the publication of the name does not entail the publication of any data from the participating company.

Is the information generated reliable?

The technical direction of the Market Observatory is the responsibility of AIDIMME, Technological Institute, through a team formed by computer scientists, designers, economists and market research professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the development of sectorial information systems.

The data treatment is carried out with research methodologies and statistical techniques used for other industrial sectors through an exhaustive procedure for debugging and validating the results.

How to adhere?

You can register your company through this membership card. Once we confirm the registration, you can participate in the questionnaires and receive the sectoral information that is generated.