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The participant will learn first-hand the characteristics of industrial and collaborative robots, being able to interact with them by programming simple movement sequences, the safety requirements that must be met when a robot is installed, how robots communicate with external elements and what advantages this type of communication entails, as well as the advantages of additive manufacturing when it is necessary to manufacture special grippers to carry out specific tasks.


One of the fastest and most effective ways to increase productivity is by automating processes.
As robotic technology advances, it is easier, cheaper and more feasible to automate many manual processes that until recently were not easy to replace, especially those with little added value.
But it is not enough to choose a suitable robot, as this is only part of the solution. It is essential that the robotic arm has the appropriate peripherals, which on many occasions are what make a project viable.
This course offers an overview of the complete system (robot + peripherals) from a totally practical point of view, showing examples and robotic applications that use different technologies to achieve specific objectives.
Likewise, the work environment of the robot and the associated dangers that may arise in collaborative environments are analyzed, as well as the security measures that should be adopted.


Addressed to

-Managers, middle managers and production operators. -People interested in these issues.


- Understand the advantages and disadvantages of using a robot in productive tasks.
- Understand the importance of accessories (claws), peripherals and communications in the installation of a robot.
- Know key safety aspects in the installation of a robot.


1. Programming of real cases with a collaborative robot and an industrial robot. Resolution of exercises by the students.
2. Connection of robots with peripherals. Introduction to industrial communications. How to connect a robot with various peripherals (PLC and artificial vision camera). Practical exercises. 
3. Claw design with FA. Development of special elements to manipulate specific objects through additive manufacturing. Application examples.
4. Feasibility of automation. How to evaluate if the investment in automation is profitable. Methodology and practical examples.
5. Security in collaborative environments. Risk assessment and measures to adopt.



Mode of delivery



The course methodology combines knowledge transfer, practical examples executed with robots, and practice of simple programming to be developed by the students with collaborative tobots.


From 14 / 5 / 2024 to 16 / 5 / 2024


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


From 09: 00 to 14: 00


15 hours


AIDIMME C / Leonardo Da Vinci 38 (Technology Park) 46980 Paterna (Valencia)




Certificate of attendance issued by AIDIMME. Minimum attendance of 75% of the teaching hours.


€281 Non-associated company amount + 21% VAT. Associated company - 13%. Unemployed people check price. AIDIMME, as the organizing entity of FUNDAE, will be able to manage the subsidized part of the course at no additional cost. *AIDIMME, as the organizing entity of FUNDAE, will be able to manage the subsidized part of the course at no additional cost.


Rubén Mañez Gavilá. Industrial Technical Engineer - Master's Degree in Planning and Management of business processes. 25 years of experience in organizational and operations consulting. Technical Consultant for Industrial Development. Direction and execution of Organization and Operations Management projects in Spanish SMEs. International consulting projects in Latin American and Maghreb countries.
Industrial Electronic Engineer and Master in design of industrial automation and robotics installations, who since joining the Product Engineering team at AIDIMME, has applied his knowledge in the execution of product development projects in very diverse sectors. He has expanded his knowledge using tools for designing and manufacturing prototyping of electronic products and machine design. His eminently funny profile gives him as a teacher a special ability to transmit the necessary knowledge.
Industrial Design Engineer, who since joining the Product Engineering team at AIDIMME, has applied his knowledge both in the execution and coordination of both national and European product development projects in very diverse sectors. He has expanded his knowledge of design and development through reverse engineering and 3D CAD tools of tooling, claws, clamps and different specific elements for the manipulation and / or positioning of parts and tools manufactured using mainly additive manufacturing technologies that allow a great flexibility of geometries and designs, as well as a great speed of manufacture.
Engineer in Electronics in Control and Industrial Networks, with two masters in Design and Manufacturing, and in Integrated Management. I am currently developing projects related to Industry 4.0, automation and robotics at AIDIMME.


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