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Productivity 4.0 - Cycle of Conference on Technology and Productivity: 3rd Conference on SOLUTIONS FOR COST CONTROL AND RAPID CHANGE OF TOOLS


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Personnel of companies interested in these topics.


Present two tools that allow to calculate costs by processes and apply the SMED technique for rapid tool change.


With this third day we want to continue the cycle of short seminars that show different technological tools (technological enablers) through which any company can improve the efficiency of its manufacturing processes.

The essence of these conferences is to share knowledge and experience between professionals from AIDIMME and other collaborating companies, and professionals from industrial sectors who are interested in putting innovative ideas into practice in the field of production. 

This cycle of seminars is born with a vocation for continuity, so we will celebrate a free monthly conference, which will be dedicated to various topics related to the control and understanding of the processes in the manufacturing plant, from "classic" topics (KPIs, SMED, Visual Control, etc) to topics related to Industry 4.0 (Modelling, Real-time Forecasting, IoT, Traceability, etc).

• Challenges of Industry 4.0
• Advanced process cost engineering systems- LEAN ACOUNTING
• Application of quick tool change techniques (SMED) 

Speaker: Dr. Jorge Pampín – CEO of SIMERGIA ENGINEERING


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2 hours. hours


AIDIMME - Technology Park - Benjamín Franklin Street, 13 - 46980 Paterna


Until the September 24 of 2018.


At the request of the assistant staff.


Free course


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Since the NUMBER OF PLACES is LIMITED, if they are interested in participating in these courses, they must communicate it, as soon as possible, by sending the duly completed pre-registration form (one for each student), before the indicated date, in order to close the participation in it. Admission will be made by pre-registration order and your acceptance will be communicated to the company.