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AIDIMME, together with CEIT, FADA-CATEC and LORTEK have been distinguished with the “Cervera Center of Excellence” accreditation in Additive Manufacturing technology.
CEFAM is one of the 7 projects financed by the 2019 Cervera Network of CDTI in the partial resolution of the first call for aid for “Cervera” Technology Centers of Excellence.
The general objective of the CEFAM group (Strategic Program for the Training of Excellence in the Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Materials) is to improve the training of the research groups of the 4 participating centers in the technological area of ​​Additive Manufacturing for materials metallic, creating a know-how of excellence at an international level, which is also market oriented and carrying out a tractor effect on the Spanish industrial fabric through public-private collaboration.
The formation of the CEFAM group manages to strengthen the collaboration between the four participating technology centers. In this way, progress is maximized with respect to the state of the art in the different challenges of the value chain of Additive Manufacturing technology in metal materials oriented to industrial needs: materials, Additive Manufacturing processes and added value stages to obtain final components But it also allows joining forces in non-technical aspects to optimize resources, maximizing the impact of training activities, participation in international networks or the dissemination and exploitation of results.


The technical objectives of the CEFAM project are:
- Investigate at the laboratory level the possibility of processing new high-strength aluminum alloys through different additive manufacturing techniques, proposing new compositions and analyzing their production by gas atomization, being critical the control of the composition, oxidation, granulometry and The morphology of dust.
- Evolve the processing technique using pure copper EBM and high strength copper alloy, so that results are achieved at the demonstrator scale in a relevant environment, overcoming current dust oxidation restrictions and the requirements of the use environments .
- Increase knowledge about the relationship between the defects present in the parts and the resulting final properties during the processing of Ti64 with different techniques (EBM, SLM, WAAM) and Scalmalloy with SLM. This will allow to optimize processes and bring technology closer to the needs of the industry: definition of inspection methods of lower cost and detectability of defects.
- Analyze the effect of the entire value chain (dust, process parameters and design rules, post-processing steps and verification and inspection methods) on magnetic materials processed with LMD, SLM or WAAM.
- Evolve the state of the art in relation to nickel-based superalloys from powder configuration to processing by LMD and SLM, including scaling the process to relevant environments.
- In tool steels and steels with high wear resistance, the objective is to develop the LMD and WAAM manufacturing process to reach relevant demonstrators. In the case of stainless steels obtained from dust, the objectives are to study the optimization of process parameters and part manufacturing strategies at the laboratory level, and to implement process control and monitoring techniques, including the control of height of each layer deposited.
- Develop new process parameters in INVAR and new applications for the space sector.
- Develop alternative technologies of Additive Manufacturing based on femtosecond laser for materials of difficult processability. There are no solutions in the market, and the developments at the laboratory level are in very low degrees of maturity.

Project Number: 21900057
Grant Agreement: 00122540 / CER-20191005
Duration: From 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2022



1384 Access to the project website
171 Access to news published on own websites.

Total Accesses: 1555

Objective Sectors by Activity

RESEARCH CENTERS / CERTIFICATION - Number of target companies: 268 (29 of the Valencian Community)

ENGINEERING SERVICES - Number of target companies: 208 (115 of the Valencian Community)

2nd TRANSFORMATION - Number of target companies: 77 (35 of the Valencian Community)

TEACHING CENTERS / UNIVERSITIES - Number of target companies: 203 (36 of the Valencian Community)

METAL INDUSTRY - Number of target companies: 76 (36 of the Valencian Community)

INJECTION - Number of target companies: 1 (1 of the Valencian Community)

MACHINERY / EQUIPMENT, EQUIPMENT PROPERTY - Number of target companies: 585 (230 of the Valencian Community)

MECHANIZED - Number of target companies: 12 (7 of the Valencian Community)

METAL - Number of target companies: 12 (8 of the Valencian Community)

AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR - Number of target companies: 41 (24 of the Valencian Community)

METALLIC TRANSFORMED - Number of target companies: 176 (98 of the Valencian Community)


Thanks to its support and signature of the "declaration of participation" the project has been funded.


They want to know first-hand the evolution of the project, and its progress to the final result.


They will implement technologies, develop strategies or look for new models based on the results.