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Practical workshop of Industrial Symbiosis. SIMVAL project


Industrial symbiosis is the use that a company or sector makes of the resources of others.
Resources must include waste, energy, electricity, water, logistics, facilities, technical knowledge ... and a long etcetera.


Addressed to

Managers / managers Technical and logistics managers Environmental technicians Professionals of companies in general


What is the theme of the practical workshop?

"Capturing your resource"

Compile information on resources to identify business opportunities in Industrial Symbiosis in the industrial estates of the Valencian Community.
The 'resources' I have - that someone may want.
The 'resources' I want - that someone may have.
It really is that simple!


This workshop helps to become familiar with the Industrial Symbiosis and its objectives, but it is also the first step to think about the circular economy through the recovery and reuse of resources, common services, spaces, etc.


09:30-09:45 Reception of the attendees.
09:45-09:55 Welcome by Rafael Pérez President of BUINSA.
09:55-10:05 Presentation of the SIMVAL project. Alicia Perez (AIDIMME).
10:05-10:15 Industrial Symbiosis applied to industrial estates. Lucia Jordan (AIDIMME).
10:15–10:30 Example of industrial symbiosis. Bag of by-products. Rafael Mossi (Valencia Chamber).
10:30-10:45 Introduction to the practical workshop. James Woodcock (ISL).
10:45-11:15 Coffee break.
11:15-13:15 Practical workshop on Industrial Symbiosis in industrial estates.
13:15-13:30 Summary of the results of the practical workshop.


Working day

Mode of delivery






4 hours hours


BUINSA, Avenida Blasco Ibañez 87, Buñol


Until June 17, 2019.


Free course


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Since the NUMBER OF PLACES is LIMITED, if they are interested in participating in these courses, they must communicate it, as soon as possible, by sending the duly completed pre-registration form (one for each student), before the indicated date, in order to close the participation in it. Admission will be made by pre-registration order and your acceptance will be communicated to the company.