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Machinery Manufacturers, System Integrators and End Users. - Morning session: aimed at Heads of Engineering, Production, Maintenance, R + D, Project Managers, Systems Department - Afternoon session: aimed at Developers of industrial computer tools, PLC programmers, Computer scientists in the industrial area, Systems .


This seminar is a great opportunity to learn how to harness the potential of machine-to-internet connectivity to get started with IIoT and transform business toward selling new services.

It is divided into 2 parts: theory sessions in the morning and Hands-On in the afternoon. The afternoon session is optional only for those attendees who want to know in depth how Ewon Flexy is configured.



Theoretical session in the morning:

9:00 am.- Welcome. Registration and coffee
9:30 am.- Introduction. Intro to the event and the organizers
9:45 am.- From intelligent machines to Industry 4.0: New business opportunities
10:15 am.- IIoT Ewon FLEXY catwalk
10:50 h.- Monitor the machine with viewON. Demonstration in which attendees will be able to access a graphical web application via local network or through the internet from their mobile or tablet
11:05 am.- Ewon and Pluto: the perfect combination for building IIoT applications.
11:25 am - Break
11:45 h.- Integration of plant data with Anybus. Introduction to industrial gateways for industrial networks and IIoT, as well as industrial wireless network architectures
12:05 pm.- Introduction to OPCUA. Introduction to the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) standard specified in IEC 62541 as a Communications standard for Industry 4.0
12:25 h.- Flexy OPCUA. In this session we will show how OPCUA is configured with Flexy
12:45 h.- OPCUA integration example. We will show an example of integration between FLEXY and an OPCUA client
13:00 h.- Cybersecurity.
13:30 h.- Success stories. Real cases of companies with Industry 4.0 projects in their different stages

Training Flexy IIoT in the afternoon:

15:00 h.- Workshop IIoT (training). Introductory course to Flexy *. It is essential to have FlexyKit for the client. (
18:00 h.- End of the Seminar.

Taught by technical staff from HMS and SIDE, with the collaboration of AIDIMME


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Morning: 5 hours / Afternoon: 3 hours.


AIDIMME - Technology Park - C / Benjamín Franklin, 13 - Paterna (Valencia).


Until May 3, 2019.


At the request of the assistant.


Free seminar.


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Since the NUMBER OF PLACES is LIMITED, if they are interested in participating in these courses, they must communicate it, as soon as possible, by sending the duly completed pre-registration form (one for each student), before the indicated date, in order to close the participation in it. Admission will be made by pre-registration order and your acceptance will be communicated to the company.