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Reform of the European Union in the field of international trade: digitization and OAS Companies


Attendees will learn about the requirements that companies that export to third countries must comply with as of the entry into force of the AEO certification. They will be able to have a special discount of 20% to carry out the auto-AEO, know their situation regarding customs requirements and a personalized budget to be an AEO


The OEA Certification represents a differentiating value for international supply chains, focused on the new data communication processes and their correct correspondence with the administration, identifying the real needs of the SME in the import or export process, in order to minimize legal risks and increase transparency between business partners, under confidentiality as a challenge.


Addressed to

Managers, Administration and Export Managers. People interested in these topics.


Know the current regulations, specified in the CAU and the ambitious Reform Project of THE EUROPEAN UNION on EUROPEAN CUSTOMS AND THE EU DATA CENTER.

Know the importance of supply chains and the advantages of AEO Certified importers, exporters and transporters.

Know the transition to green and digital processes as a 10-year objective with an initial obligation for online sales and digital platforms.

Know the obligation of manufacturers regarding the New Digital Passports of their products.


- What is the AEO certification and its need to export from its entry into force.
- Requirements that must be met by exporting companies.
- Presentation of the NUMA application and its value to achieve certification.
- Current aids and subsidies.


Working day

Mode of delivery



The methodology of the day combines the presentation of theory by the teachers, as well as practical examples based on their own experiences.
In the theoretical part the main basic concepts are exposed. For this, power point presentations will be used, as well as the use of specific software.






From 09:00am to 10:00am


1 hour hours


AIDIMME C / Benjamin Franklin 13 (Technology Park) 46980 Paterna (Valencia)




Certificate of attendance issued by AIDIMME. Minimum attendance of 75% of the teaching hours.


€30 - 13% Associated company advantage / Unemployed people, consult price.


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Since the NUMBER OF PLACES is LIMITEDIf you are interested in participating in these courses, you must notify us, as soon as possible, by sending the duly completed pre-registration form (one for each attendee), before the indicated date, in order to close participation in it. Admission will be made in order of pre-registration and the company will be notified of its acceptance.