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- Preparation of a product from start to finish.
- Machine delivery in less time.
- Creation of any type of furniture.


Companies are increasingly using part design and machining software in their production systems. One of the new software is TopSolid, allowing the design and subsequent shipment to the machine for mechanization.

Addressed to

Personnel of companies in the Valencian Community. Freelance professionals. Unemployed people. Anyone interested in these topics.


- Provide students with basic knowledge, showing them the different menus that Topsolid contains, the icons and the drawing and machining entities.
- Make drawings of entities, pieces, and sets of furniture and fittings.
- Perfect the participant's knowledge so that he or she obtains a good control of the tool so that they can make any piece of furniture they need to produce.
- Machining the different pieces of the sets and furniture that are developed through Topsolid.
- Specialize students in the creation of all kinds of custom furniture.
- Prepare a project from its conception, through planimetry and machining.


1. Introduction to Topsolid.
1.1. Cad / cam
1.2. The topsolid environment.
1.3. Construction tree.
1.4. Quick layers.
1.5. Parametric and associative.

2. Basic concepts.
2.1. Work space
2.2. Coordinate systems in Topsolid.
2.3. Points and references.
2.4. Lines and line types.
2.5. Colors.
2.6 Repeat, copy and duplicate.
2.7 Application configuration.

3. 2D and 3D drawing.
3.1. 2D drawing tools.
3.2. 3D drawing tools.
3.4. Dimensions.
3.5. Reference and positioning.

4. Wooden module.
4.1. Tools and processes typical of carpentry.
4.1.1 slot
4.1.2 drill
4.1.3 cashier
4.1.4 clearance
4.1.5 miter
4.1.6 zipper
4.2. Machining and connecting elements - tufts, eccentrics and screws.
4.3. Fast drawing and restricted block.
4.4. Definition of parts.
4.5. Creation of our own library.
4.6. Creation of assembly elements.
4.7. Propagation.
4.8. Automatic machining.
4.9. Parameters.
4.10. Driver block.
4.11. How to create a catalog.
4.12. Profiling.
4.13. How to feed our library of components: back and shelves.
4.14. Hardware: handles and hinges.
4.15. Materials and edges.

5. Construction of composite elements.
5.1. Doors.
5.2. Drawers.
5.2.3. Guides.
5.4. Definition of bills of materials.

6. Planimetry.
6.1. Plane template.
6.2. Layout of parts and assemblies.
6.3. Dimensioning and automatic dimensioning.
6.4. Box.
6.5. Exploded views.
6.8. Print.

7. Introduction Topsolid'wood Cam
7.1. Work environment.
7.2. Types of machine.
7.3. How to load tools.
7.4. Positioning of pieces.
7.5. Automatic machining.
7.6. Mechanized representation in machine environment.
7.7. Machine delivery.

8. Woodcam tools.
8.1. 2 axis milling.
8.2. Contoured.
8.3. Roughing.
8.4. Boxed.
8.5. Recorded.
8.6. 3 axis milling.
8.7. Isoparametric copying.
8.8. 4/5 axes.
8.9. Swarf.
8.10 5-axis isoparametric copying.

9. Machine delivery - CNC creator.
9.1. Fast shipping by machine.
9.2. Translation between machine languages.



Mode of delivery



Theoretical-practical classes, using computers with TopSolid software and examples in numerical control machines.


From 16 / 2 / 2021 to 4 / 3 / 2021


Tuesday and Thursday, February 16, 18, 23, 25, March 2 and 4, 2021

Opening times

9 14 from a hours.


30 hours.


AIDIMME C / Benjamin Franklin 13 (Technology Park) 46980 Paterna (Valencia)


Until the 10 of February of 2021


Attendance certificate. Realization of evaluable final exercise. Minimum attendance of 75% of the hours.


Free course. 100% subsidized by LABORA - Valencian Occupation and Training Service


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Since the NUMBER OF PLACES is LIMITED, if they are interested in participating in these courses, they must communicate it, as soon as possible, by sending the duly completed pre-registration form (one for each student), before the indicated date, in order to close the participation in it. Admission will be made by pre-registration order and your acceptance will be communicated to the company.