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Demonstration day online live. Free pilot course European project EQWOOD: "ADVISOR OF INNOVATION IN THE WOOD-FURNITURE SECTOR"


This training activity is developed within the framework of the European project EQ-WOOD ("European Quality qualifications for the WOODwork and furniture industry"), financed by the ERASMUS + Program, and with no. 591939-EPP-1-2017-1-IT-EPPKA2-SSA). AIDIMME participates as a partner and it seeks to increase and improve the capacity for innovation and competitiveness of the wood and furniture industry, it has designed and developed the curriculum for the Innovation Advisor in the Wood and Furniture Industry. It is intended that this figure helps to manage innovation by merging skills in sustainability, digital and marketing and provides students, both in training and personnel in companies, developing the specific skills required by the evolution of the sector in Europe.
More information on the project website:
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There is a summary in Spanish of each of the modules and other information of interest that can be found in the download area of ​​the project.


Addressed to

Professionals from companies interested in key concepts for innovation management, fluent in English.


- Collaborate in the realization of a pilot experience of the training content developed in the project, evaluating the content, platform, etc.
- Acquire knowledge and skills to manage innovation in companies.


Of the five MODULAR UNITS. In the session, UNIT I and III will be dealt with.

I. Design Thinking, Conceptualization, Prototyping

The objective of this unit is that the student knows tools and methodologies.

- Stimulate reflection on design and the dissemination of innovative ideas.
- Conceive and map innovative ideas.
- Validate ideas and implement rapid prototyping solutions.

III. Design research, trends and innovation

The objective of this unit is to know the environmental conditions that can affect or direct the innovation process in the company, especially those related to the concept of Business Intelligence and all those related to the market (Brand, Product life cycle) .

Methodology and key aspects to carry out or interpret market studies and information sources (statistics, Internet, etc.).

- Aspects to consider to carry out or interpret the analysis of the clients.
- Realization and interpretation of the analysis of product trends.
- Advantages of generating a competitive surveillance system and of generating a technological surveillance system.
- Decision making on aspects related to the establishment of an environment analysis system (technological, competitive, etc.)
- Identify threats and opportunities in the competitive environment.



Mode of delivery

Online direct





2 hours hours


Online direct


Certification issued by the platform upon completion of the course.


Free course


Review: Degree in Market Research and Techniques, Diploma in Business Sciences and Master in Marketing and Market Research. Senior Analyst, at AIDIMME since 2006. 1 year professional experience in banking and 14 years in Competitive Intelligence and market innovation projects and services. Cristina is a dynamic teacher who enjoys guiding students and work groups towards the application of market information in the company.
Degree in Economics and Business Administration, Research Proficiency (DEA) in Applied Economics. Senior analyst, in AIDIMME since 2017. Professional experience of 6 years as a researcher in urban, housing and territorial economy, 2 years as a consultant and teacher of management ERP and 11 years as an analyst in projects and services of Competitive Intelligence and innovation of market. As a teacher, Rafa is an experienced and entertaining teacher who teaches real examples of data analysis and visualization.

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