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The main benefit of this course is for the professional who knows the advantages offered by wood for construction in different aspects: sustainability, renewable, recyclability, very low energy consumption for processing and transformation, etc. In addition, it provides you with the fundamentals of the design and calculation of sawn wood and glued laminated wood structures, as well as the quality control and maintenance of the wood put into work.


For technical, regulatory, environmental, energy efficiency and social demand reasons, wood construction is increasing even in countries like Spain, not only for single-family homes but also for medium-rise buildings (6-10 floors). On the other hand, it is a very suitable type of construction for the new housing solutions that are emerging (coliving, cohousing).


Addressed to

-Architects, engineers, experts. -People interested in these issues.


Know the materials, processes and elements that are used in each and every one of the aspects related to the use of wood and derived products as a fundamental element in construction, as well as its advantages and disadvantages compared to other materials.
Learn to design and calculate structures of sawn wood and glued laminated wood, manage and correct the durability of wood on site in different risk classes.
Know the preventive and curative treatments for the protection of wood and learn to develop plans and technical procedures for inspection, quality control and maintenance of the wood put into work.


Wood Technology Applied to Construction.
- Wood technology in construction.
- Construction materials and products derived from wood.

Species identification and technical sheets: conifers.
- Main species of conifers in construction and carpentry: technical sheets
- Macroscopic identification practices.

Species identification and technical sheets: others.
- Main species of temperate and tropical hardwoods in construction and carpentry: technical sheets.
- Macroscopic identification practices.

Wood degradation and maintenance in construction.
- Preventive protection treatments.
- Types and methods of preventive protection protection.
- Inspection of the state of biodegradation of wood on site.
- Curative treatments and maintenance of wood in construction.

Wood structural design.
- Structures of sawn wood.
- Structures of laminated wood.
- Construction project and calculation.
- Construction project for wood: Technical Building Code (CTE) and Eurocode No. 5
- Calculation examples.



Mode of delivery



Knowledge transfer. With the aim of reinforcing theoretical knowledge, the course includes recent cases of wood construction, both at medium/high height and with high energy efficiency.



Available from



3 hours


AIDIMME C / Benjamin Franklin 13 (Technology Park) 46980 Paterna (Valencia)


Open all year round


Non-associated company: € 90 + 21% VAT / * AIDIMME as the organizing entity of FUNDAE will be able to manage the part of the course to be rewarded at no additional cost.


Director of the Wood Technology and Biotechnology Department and Head of Advanced Services for Construction and Rehabilitation at the Metalworking, Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Related Technological Institute (AIDIMME). Graduated with a degree in Physical Sciences from the University of Valencia. USA Master in Internet and Intranet Technologies. USA Master in UML and Java programming. Coordinator, technical director or researcher since 1995 in more than 53 R&D projects and Networks of Excellence on wood, construction and architecture, sensors, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities and ICT. In 2006 he was a visiting researcher at the Technische Universität München. International Schweighofer Award 2009 for his contribution to wood construction. His Bionic Curtain project was selected in 2013.

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